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First of all, even the name, Romania, reminds us of the ancient Roman civilisation that had a vast and decisive influence on the country's evolution and there are many monuments and archeological findings from that period to prove it. You can also admire medieval fortresses, Bizantine monasteries and churches with splendid paintings on their walls along wits simple peasant houses traditionally decorated. Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle actually) is only one of the many impressive castles and palaces that stand for centuries and wait for visitors. More, you can visit all those places and many more taking advantage of the comfort offered by lots of hotels and restaurants at surprisingly low rates. Traditional kitchen and wines are a true revelation. Romania worth visiting! Come see for yourself!
A natural paradise stretches where the Danube meets the Black Sea after a 2860km (1788miles) voyage from it's spring in the Germany's Black Forest Mountains. For centuries the Delta expended due to the river deposits, creating a whole network of channels, lakes and islands covered by reed, luxurious forests, pastures and sand dunes that cover something like 5640km2 (2200sqm) at our present days. Those great waterlands are the home for more then 300 bird species and countless fish, a wide variety of more then 1150 plants of all kind. No wonder UNESCO designated The Danube Delta “ Biosphere Reservation”.

Transilivania is by far the most romantic part of Romania. Even the name makes you think of skyscraper mountain peaks rising from forests, valleys and streams, images of wooden churches with high rooftops, legendary castles and a troubled history. But here you can find a lot of other interesting things: wintersport resorts, mountain trekking routes, Retezat National Park, fascinating medieval cities, art museums and quality services
They are the main attraction of Bucovina County because of the beautiful colors of the painted walls. They show biblical scenes and other religious paintings in a style similar to modern day comics. They were meant to stimulate the local's imagination and to educate them in the Christian spirit. The churches are located in the center of the monastery complexes and they all have tall tapering rooftops. Inside them, the sun beams hardly struggle. There are five such significant monasteries.
The valleys between the North-Western Tansilvanian mountains are legendary beautiful. The inhabitants of these lands are the heirs of the Dacians whom state reached it's most glorious days under the rule of king Decabalus in the 1st century Ad, just before the roman conquest. Other invasions followed. In spite all that, the inhabitants kept their traditions and individuality alive. Today you can visit those places and admire the unique way of living people got here. There are very few European regions that managed to develop such a strong traditional culture. Maramures craftsmen are well known for their unique methods of woodworking.
From the city of Brasov you can take a trip to Bran Castle, the assumed residence of Vlad the Impaler, inspiring the Dracula legend. Also try not to miss Peles Castle. This was built by King Charles the 1st in 1883 using a sophisticated architectural style and placed at the mountain gates in the city of Sinaia. The place became a very fashionable resort due to the presence of the King and a stay here is fine both in summer and in winter because of the splendid mountain surroundings. There many things to do around, like hiking, horse riding and wintersports.